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Graphs and data of more than 16.000 products from all over the world.

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Works best with Google Chrome. Type any product, semi-finished product or raw material in the above white square (e.g. Polypropylene)


Price Evolution

Position different price trends on one single graph and find your most reliable price trend line reference.

Example Make

Biggest Supply Market

Find major supply markets volumewise with each time their corresponding average price level.

Example Make

Cheapest Supply Market

Find the lowest prices with each
time their corresponding average volume.

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Find EMERGING markets and check SEASONALITY opportunities.

GPS Index

Show the YQ GPS Index, composed out of different price line satellites.

Price Delta

Your procurement performance by tracking the "price" gap between the market price and yours.


Your procurement performance in "actual money", showing the realized savings in absolute values.

CPX Index

Show the YQ CPX (Cost price breakdown) index price composed out of different ingredient price lines.

Cost Price Delta

Track the margin evolution of your supplier.

Users of YQ-MATRIX


  • “Great tool, quick and simple, extremely innovative techniques, pioneer in the 21st century way of purchasing.”

    E. van Limpt – Managing Director at Haval

  • “… An extremely innovative platform dedicated to all procurement professionals worldwide. The approach supported Gategroup to achieve cost savings above 1 million euro and it was a great help in achieving own year-on-year procurement challenges.”

    M. Mertens – Gategroup

  • “… The YQ Matrix contributed to a yearly saving on my portfolio worth above 0.5 Million Euro.”

    S. Van Rooy - deSter

  • “… The YQ Matrix is a formidable and rare tool that combines simplicity with detailed information. Personally, I use the YQ matrix since 3 years now in my course Supply Chain Metrics. The tool is one of those rare gemstones… It is a unique source of information for every potential purchasing manager and should be included in every purchasing related master's program.”

    L. Quintens – Ass. Professor at the University of Maastricht : School of Business and Economics